title: Cloud
location: Chicago, US
use: Kiosk
size: 100sm
structure: Steel, RFP
competition shortlist: 2015

“Cloud” is a kiosk of visual choreography and imagery out of the subtle effects of wind and balance. A kinetic roof will move due to passing winds achieving a gravity-defying architecture associated with buoyancy and motion. It unifies the space below and defines integrated and inseparable three-dimensional experience. Playing on the interaction of the environment and visitors, it functions, performs and engages all year round.

The shape of the roof suggests a form of a cloud or a feather. For example, with only a light touch, the roof move in a sensuous rhythm. This spectacle, this precarious feat of also balance, appears as if it could be upset — indeed, collapse — at any moment. However, the lightness of motion pervades.