title: Halo – Plovdiv Square
location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
use: Public Space
structure : Steel
competition period : 2014

The key for Plovdiv Central Square development is to tie the two layers of the city, the historical remains of the Ancient Forum of Philippopolis and a central public space to be a destination under one identity. The character of Plovdiv is the layers within the city and HALO is a contemporary layer above the existing layers. It will intervene at the heart of the Plovdiv Central Square to make it a new dynamic tourist and civic destination.

Spanning over a length of 500 meters as a beautiful HALO that loops the site, this single architectural gesture creates a symbolic and iconic space that accommodates the persistent desire for collectivity on the site. It balances between road vehicles and pedestrians while enhancing the public realm with easier access to the culturally significant ruins.