title: Japanese Canadian Cultural Center Washroom
location: Toronto, Canada
use: washroom
size: 85 sm
completed: 2022
photographer: Scott Norsworthy

The newly renovated washroom at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center in Toronto serves as a valuable addition to the community, providing a space to showcase Japanese culture and art. The primary objective was to enhance connectivity and lighting without requiring extensive plumbing and mechanical demolition. Volumetric studies of walls and space were conducted to inform design decisions.

A feature is the shared hand-washing basin, which contributes to the space’s overall unity. Its origami-inspired design boasts both practicality and a unique visual aesthetic. The basin’s opening is set at an accessible height for adults and children alike. Wheelchair-friendly widths and support equipment have been carefully incorporated throughout the washroom to ensure accessibility for all users.

An open vestibule design provides both privacy and an inviting entrance. Tactile and hygienic materials, such as hand-scored black ceramic tiles and white Corian finishes, have been selected for the space. Soft indirect lighting accentuates the contrast between these materials while emphasizing the planar folds and overall design aesthetic. Additionally, a mirrored wall featuring integrated track lighting imparts a sense of spaciousness.

The washroom’s design delivers not only full accessibility but also a focus on originality and meticulous attention to detail.