title: West Kowloon Art Pavilion M+
location: Hong Kong, China
use: Arts Pavilion
size: 576 sqm
number of stories: 2
structure: Steel
competition period: 2013

Embracing itself as an extension of M+, the museum, cultural hub and its mission, it takes the distinctive name of M+ as a feature of the design. The result is a dynamic and symbolic space for all forms of exhibition and events which quite literally functions as a visual icon for the entire building and site. The Arts Pavilion stands for everything M+ is and the relationship it has with the new M+ museum, the Park, and West Kowloon.

The purity of the geometry creates a dramatic facade that functions as a visual communication tool, integrated with low consumption LED lighting system activating the south building elevation as a signage visible from afar that will make M+ a destination site for art and culture. Tinted transparent walls and highly insulated solid walls create an internal organization whose openness and transparency links the complexities of the content further and simplifying the environmental conditioning of the pavilion.