title: Cultural Depot from an Oil Tank Depot
location: Seoul, South Korea
principal use: Museum Complex
size: 5393 sqm
number of stories: 2
structure: Steel
competition period: 2014
designed in collaboration with local architect: Hyukjin Kang, SID
landscape architect: Cho Hye Ryeong

Located in the hills of Maebong-San Seoul, the Mapo Oil Depot was once a crucial economic symbol, but today it remains hidden and unseen.  Our vision to regain its presence for the Oil Depot is to create an “Open Park”; a new Cultural Depot to uncover the traces and layers of history on the site. By reusing many of the existing structures and paths, the design respects and honors the history of the oil tanks and the natural surroundings. Through the insertion of large inflatable elements that balloon from each tank, these objects will ignite a sense of curiosity and play. These fabric structures being light and flexible will appear floating within the mountains’ concavities. Each in dialogue with one another, it illuminates the site while giving a sense of new beginnings.