BLACK PEACOCK & DINUOVO presentation at “UNTOLD”, Museo Bagatti Valsecchi, Milan

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UUfie’s latest designs, BLACK PEACOCK and DINUOVO will be revealed for the first time on the opening night in ‘Untold’, the group exhibition curated by Rossana Orlandi at Museo Bagatti Valsecchi in Milan.


The BLACK PEACOCK is an anomaly to the collection, a metaphor to events of surprise and mystery. Taking traditional technique of applying many coatings of resin, sometime harvested from trees such as poison oaks or black trees, has thousands of years of history in Asian lacquer ware. The finish produces a visually stunning and enduring surface, reinforcing the idea of freezing a moment of beauty. This offers a new perspective on the process making of PEACOCK and the fascination as a piece to be viewed as true art object, though conceived of as an item for practical use.



DINUOVO is used as a light fixture or vase. A yolk represented by an orb of light floating within transparent glass is achieved through layering of glass in gradating thickness. At the large version, they are nearly half meter high and 15kg in weight. Besides emphasizing the difficulty and skill required, it has the romantic appeal of glass though impractical and incomplete yet provides new possibilities and curiosity. DINUOVO takes a playful, unconventional direction and challenges the Columbus’ egg.


Curated by Rossana Orlandi

Museo Bagatti Valsecchi,

Via S. Spirito 10, Milan

Starting 9th April, 10.00 am – 9.00 pm

Press Preview:  9th April

Extended till May 6th