Peacock Chair - Large

title : Peacock-L
use : Chair
size : W2800 x D915 x H1830
completed : 2011
photographer : Andrew Wilcox

Taking the inspiration from nature. “Peacock-L” is an expression of trying to capture a real instance, such as a flower blossoming or a bird’s tail fanning in a ritual courtship. “Peacock” represents these frozen moments of beauty and happiness. The design and fabrication process began like children playing with a paper by cutting, bending and folding it, to create a chair only now called the “Peacock” for its resemblance. “Peacock” is made from a type of acrylic composite with the ability to transform under heat, but requires a delicate process involving manipulating a single sheet within minutes. Capturing a fluid moment as the material is stretched by hand. The result is a lace-like appearance of a structurally strong material.